Interior designer, for years she worked in the field of residential housing: design, construction and sales. Then with her husband  Luigi, she started working in the field of land consolidation, but from 2011 she manages Perla Marina Apartments. Thanks to her skills, she is giving new life to the Hotel. Every year from late September to December, the Hotel turns into a building site and from year to year the innovations are countless. She is always very helpful and always ready to organize dinners for anyone who wants to spend a couple of hours at the table.  A couple of years ago she became a lifeguard and  almost expert  at the process of  pool water treatment. During the winter, to work off the stress she has accumulated she spends much of her time at the gym, walking, skiing and climbing, but being very greedy, the results are poor!


Perla Marina - Casa Vacanza Pietra Ligure

PI: 01597170099